Struggling with CANCER? LYME? Chronic illness? Nutritional Issues? Or… just interested in eating healthy foods that will aid your body’s health & healing?
Beyond OrganicsBeyond Organics is hosting an evening-long event at CGA that will feature: A) a fully organic meal at NO COST to you (with sampling & desserts!), B) nutritional talks by some of this region’s leading experts (scroll below for their bios!), and C) products & information you can take with you.
COST? There is no registration fee! However, donations toward meals will be accepted, if desired.
WHEN? Sunday, October 16, from 5:00PM to 8:30PM. David Slade (of Organic Farmer’s Market) will host this event.


VegetablesWHO CAN COME? Everyone!!! Young & old alike… you do NOT need to be associated with Clarks Green Church or Beyond Organics to attend.  This is OPEN to the public!

PURPOSE? For you to enjoy a relaxing evening of excellent organic meals and free nutritional information that can change your life, especially if you are struggling with a chronic disease, cancer, or an illness that you have struggled with for years.

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE? For purchase during the event will be: raw honey, Beyond Organics Garden hand crafted essential oils, herbal tinctures, organic shampoos, and conditioners, and MORE!

RSVP? Two ways…
1. Call Clarks Green Assembly’s office at 570-586-8286 to indicate you’re coming.
2. On our Clarks Green Facebook Event Page, please select the “going” option if you actually plan on attending. If you’re not sure, select “interested” or “maybe.”
This will help David to prepare the proper amount of food for the event!

About ‘Beyond Organics Garden‘ & David Slade…

Our nutritional seminars are here to educate and inform in a friendly environment, open to questions and learning. We are NOT here to judge others for their health choices, but to be a source of health information and learning – while enjoying healthy whole-food based meals together.

beyond-organics-essential-oilsWe do not promote extreme diets, but rather a lifestyle change… away from processed foods and to a balanced nutritional approach, with a focus on local organically vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruit and 100% grass-fed, organically grown chicken/beef, raw cheeses and raw milk that are devoid of GMO’s, Growth Hormones, and antibiotics.

Vegetables and fruits are always the centerpieces by which our gourmet meals are prepared.  W also include grass fed organic cheeses, on occasion. We always inform our guests about our ingredients, for those with food allergies – so NO worries!

We prepare ALL of our meals from scratch – requiring a good deal of time and a precise degree of ingredients.


Presenter Information

Picture of Nathan Walz

Nathan Walz, Health Coach


“I was having more and more health issues and I had no idea what was happening. My unexplained symptoms started slowly at first and got progressively worse over the years.  Lyme caused a lot of havoc in my body and mind and…” [READ MORE]





John Todd Picture

John Todd Hopkins, Forks Organic Farm


“Pasture raising provides our animals a low-stress, high-quality life, improves the soil, and helps maintain the landscape. We don’t believe artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, growth promotants, hormones and antibiotics belong in our food chain, so we…” [READ MORE]





Picture of David Slade

David Slade, ‘Beyond Organic’ Garden


“I developed severe reactions to prescription drugs and antibiotics in my mid twenties. I spent over a year in  a wheel chair and was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia,  Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insomnia and experienced over twenty seizures daily. I was completely debilitated for 7 long years and experienced a drastic change in 8 months, when I switched my lifestyle to…” [READ MORE]

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