Dave Ramsey‘s Financial Peace University

[NOTE: We have concluded the Spring 2019 sessions of FPU.  We will be setting a date for our next sessions shortly.  Please check back often.  You may STILL register to be put on our waiting list, through the form at the bottom of this page.  Thank you!]

From our group leaders, Jay & Gina Jayne… “Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past.  Listen—there’s a better way!  Join our Financial Peace University group “Going Green,” and we’ll learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future . . . together!”

WHAT: A 9-session pathway to financial freedom & becoming debt-free!
WHERE: Hosted at Clarks Green Assembly of God Church, in a classroom/group setting.  GET DIRECTIONS
WHEN: To Be Announced shortly
1. Contact Clarks Green Assembly to indicate registration and make special ordering/payment arrangements (scroll to bottom of page for details)
2. Are you just curious? You are invited to simply Test-Drive the class by sitting in on a session at no cost.
TOTAL 9-WEEK COST: Only $109

The Effects of Debt

There are few things that affect people & families as negatively as being in debt – the stress of not being able to bear up under it, nor the ability to make headway against it.

It is the leading cause of marital breakdown, anxiety, sleeplessness.  Did you know that people in debt are more than TWICE as likely to suffer from depression?  Credit cards, student loans, car loans… many have fallen into a pattern of simply spending more than they make. And failure to devise a plan to prevail against it can spell doom to families & futures that can effect generations to come.

How We Can Help

Financial Peace University was devised to break that cycle and to foster healthy practices in spending & saving.  Author-speaker DAVE RAMSEY leads participants through a 9-part video series, along with a workbook and open discussion.  Hundreds of thousands have now been helped through this program.  YOU can do it, too!

Lessons Covered

Contact Us

You are invited to contact the church office at 570-586-8286 -OR- call the course facilitators Jay & Gina Jayne directly at 570-587-0077.  To register immediately, either use the contact sheet below -OR- you may do so through Dave Ramsey’s website.

Financial Peace University Contact Form



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