‘Hot Topics for a Cold Night’ is a Wednesday evening series of 6 teachings, designed to explore & discuss topics that aren’t ordinarily addressed well in a sermon format. Several of these topics are considered controversial – even inside the church.

Pastor Ron LiplesPastor Ron Liples tackles these head-on, drawing from his extensive background as both a pastor and professional educator.  Sessions will be held each Wednesday evening at 7pm, and will last approx. 1 hour.  There will be an open Q&A session at the end of each topic.

Hot Topics

HOT TOPIC #1: “Islam & What Muslims Believe” – Pastor Ron Liples explores what Muslims believe, their view of Christianity, and their goals for the future of the world. – Wed., Jan 3, 7pm – See Facebook Event Page

HOT TOPIC #2: “Have You Met Jezebel?” – The character Jezebel is mentioned in 1 Kings, Chapter 16 and 2 Kings, chapter 9. We quickly gain a strong visual image of Jezebel’s main agenda for Christians back in Bible times. But she is still alive today! She can be either female or male. Her main job is to destroy the church and turn people away from Christ. This study looks at how to identify her and how to deal with her in the church body. – Wed., Jan 10, 7pm – See Facebook Event Page

[NOTE: no session on Wed., Jan 17 because of a prayer meeting]

HOT TOPIC #3: “Angels Around Us” – This study helps us to get a clearer picture of the fact that angels are all around us. What role do they play? We will discuss their purpose and how the different types are used to help our Christian walk. We will also look into their physical appearance and discuss the fact that some have probably had an effect in our life without us even knowing it. – Wed., Jan 24, 7pm – See Facebook Event Page

HOT TOPIC #4: “Hearing God Through Your Dreams” – Did you know that we all dream every night? The problem is that we forget what we dream about by the time we wake up. There are times when God does speak to us through dreams, as He spoke to many Bible characters via dreams. We will discuss how to interpret our dreams and what the symbols in them could mean in out daily walk. – Wed., Jan 31, 7pm – See Facebook Event Page

[NOTE: no session being held on St. Valentine’s Day]

HOT TOPIC #5: “What The Bible Says About Homosexuality” – A hot topic today is homosexuality. How should a we deal with someone who says they are gay? What makes them think they are gay? Will they still make it to heaven? Did God make them with this orientation? Can a homosexual ever be changed to follow a heterosexual life style? Come out and find out the answers to these questions and many others! – Wed., Feb 21, 7pm – See Facebook Event Page

HOT TOPIC #6: “Why Am I Not Healed?” – Ever wonder why some people get healed of a disease and others do not? Some people’s prayers are answered immediately and other prayers take years for answers. Is there a special formula we need to pray to receive our healing? Does God play favorites? What blocks our healing? Is it always God’s will to heal us? What exactly does the Bible say for us to do to receive healing? Come to this study and find your clear path to healing. – Wed., Feb 28, 7pm – See Facebook Event Page

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