Men… have you ever looked back and wondered “What if?”  Will you be content, on your last day, to have lived your life – never having gone ‘all in’ after the things that matter to you most?  Is it really God’s will for you to live a life marked by regret?

Beginning Wednesday, October 12, 2016 from 7PM to 8PM, Tony Mascaro will host a 4-part life-changing & empowering study by Mark Batterson entitled “If.”  The study will run EACH Wednesday night through November 2!

There is NO COST for study.  Simply show up!  Resources will be provided free of charge by Clarks Green Assembly! You may also help us plan for your attendance by registering on our Facebook Event Page (optional).

Don’t let ANYTHING hold you back, steal your joy, or prevent you from being or becoming all that God meant for you to be!

Watch this brief 2 minute promotional video, and check out the reviews (below)!  SEE YOU THERE!!!


“From the first time I read a Mark Batterson book, I’ve loved the way he looks at life and faith. He doesn’t say if only and settle for regret. He says what if and leans into adventure.”
New York Times bestselling author of Do Over


“Mark Batterson has the extraordinary gift of making inspiration seem contagious. If will motivate and encourage you in a way that is genuinely entertaining and solidly biblical.”
New York Times bestselling author of Miracles and Bonhoeffer


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