The Daniel Code – a 12 week series

Based upon the famous book by O.S. Hawkins, this study will be held for 12 weeks – each Wednesday evening beginning June 5 through August 21 – from 7pm to 8pm. It will feature content from the book, as well as additional topics, taught by instructor Dr. Bob Carey.

The emphasis of this course is living a non-compromising life in a compromising world. It will also touch upon other issues addressed in the Book of Daniel – such as prophecy & end times theology.

*To get the most out of this series, it is recommended that you purchase the book. But it is NOT required.

YOUR COMMUNICATION IS APPRECIATED! If you are interested in attending, it would be helpful for our planning to know that in advance. Simply email instructor Bob Carey at -OR- you may simply show up. This is just a planning tool for us, and not a requirement. See you there!

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